Side Hustle Starter Workbook

Side Hustle Starter Workbook

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Stop piecing together random info from Google. This is much easier.

With this starter workbook, you will have everything in one spot with simple action items to follow to find and start your side hustle idea.

We start with a clear complete checklist of everything you will accomplish going through the workbook and 15 pages later you will have everything you need to start your side hustle/ small business.

You will be able to brand yourself, find your mission, and who your ideal client/customer is. You'll even figure out what you want to offer and how to price it.

All of the worksheets are reusable and are as follows (15 total - 14 are printable and one is a doc with important resources and links):

  • Cover page
  • Intro + how to use it
  • Complete Side Hustle Checklist
  • Bullet List and Question Prompt to Help Come Up With Your Side Hustle Idea
  • Side Hustle Mind Map Template Exercise
  • Branding Checklist
  • Ideal Client Worksheet
  • What You Can Offer Brainstorm
  • Budget Sheet
  • Info Sheet for LLC vs Sole Prop, EIN + Business Bank Account, Business Addresses, and Taxes
  • Business Bank Account Checklist
  • Resource Planning Worksheet
  • Pricing Template for Services
  • Pricing Template for Products
  • Starter Schedule